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Access Network Solutions is a SaaS + service cybersecurity solution that allows businesses to detect threats through penetration testing audits and automated risk alerts.


Engaging CISOs presents a notable challenge for cybersecurity firms due to their high demand and discerning nature. Access Network Solutions, aiming to connect with the elusive CISO group, struggled to maintain a steady flow of qualified leads for their sales force. To overcome this hurdle, they enlisted StratDev's expertise to develop a robust outbound prospecting strategy designed to consistently attract high-caliber, motivated CISO leads and convert them into booked sales meetings.

StratDev's Solution

Understanding that the key to securing high-quality, high-intent leads from CISOs lay in building relationships and offering tangible value upfront, StratDev uncovered a crucial insight: 73% of CISOs feel overwhelmed by how to best prioritize potential threats within their organizations.

Capitalizing on this insight, StratDev crafted messaging that resonated on a personal level, highlighting real-world cybersecurity breach stories to grab CISOs' attention. This approach not only spotlighted common challenges in high risk industries but also introduced a solution: prioritized penetration test audits facilitated by Access Network Solutions' software. This strategic messaging was delivered through targeted, high volume cold email campaigns, aimed at securing meetings for the Access Network Solutions sales team.


Over the course of an initial 6 month period, StratDev continually refined and massaged the messaging sequencing leading to significant improvements in email open rates and click through rates (CTR), in addition to consistent follow up and correspondence with leads indicating interest. StratDev’s end-to-end prospecting processes resulted in the generation of 129 high intent, high quality meetings with CISOs, culminating in 24 successful deals and 1.2M in revenue generated within the competitive cybersecurity landscape.

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