An agency with a proven track record.

StratDev is an award winning agency consisting of a tight knit team of digital marketing rockstars

We get it - finding an agency that can pull their weight is tough. 

Excessively high costs.

Crazy minimums, unaligned pricing models, hidden fees. Nobody likes them.

Slow to innovate.

Marketing trends change quickly, and most agencies use outdated strategies.

Lack of performance.

Junior level talent straight out of college won’t cut it.

StratDev fills the gap.

We cherry picked top, senior level talent from across the country with deep expertise in running effective digital marketing campaigns.

In addition, we blend historical client success data and up-to-date industry trends to stay ahead of the performance curve.

But what does this mean for you?

Increased sales, leads, and users

Improved ROI

Higher profit margins

Accelerated market share

Strengthened thought leadership

Our Core Team

Meet our leaders behind the magic

Jordan Calderon
President & Founder

4x founder & 2 exits

Zain Yaqub
CSO & Co-Founder

3x founder & 2 exits

Dan Sullivan
Advisor & Operations

17+ years at RGA & Netflix

Matt Scarpa
VP of Operations

5+ years experience

Brian Wray
Lead SEO Specialist

10+ years experience

Jason Wright
Lead Content Specialist

6+ years experience

Andres Gonzales
Senior UX/UI Specialist

5+ years experience

Andrei Craciun
Director of Sales

6+ years experience

Faustina Llerena
Senior Marketing Associate

3+ years experience

Armin Hadziomerovic
Lead Ads Specialist

13+ years experience

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