Southend offers healthcare providers collaborative care solutions and seamless support for patient wellness.


In early 2023, the US government initiated a program that allows Us citizens with private or government insurance to receive 8 free covid tests monthly, while reimbursing fulfillment centers like Southend on the backend. Southend launched a nationwide campaign to find new qualifying patients and fulfill Covid test orders. Southend had a singular goal - find profitability and scale.

StratDev's Solution

Southend was contracted by Southend along with 5 other performance marketing agencies. Historically, Southend struggled with profitability, so Southend tasked StratDev along with each other agency to outperform one another – the top performing agency would become Southend’s premier marketing partner. 

Instead of jumping head first into performance marketing, StratDev spent the first few weeks taking a deep dive into understanding why Southend’s ad funnels were not performing in the past. StratDev was able to identify key areas of opportunity with our auditing, and understood a path where we were able to carve a path forward by leveraging existing data, rather than jumping head first into randomized testing.


Through deep deep market research, carefully reworking the existing go-to-market strategy, and out-of-the-box ads execution, StratDev was able to find profitability in less than one month. From there, we scaled ad spend and propelled Southend into “unicorn” status, making them one of the top Covid test fulfillment centers in the US.

What We Did

TikTok ads
Google ads
Meta ads


We were spending over 1 Million per month with StratDev on ads. The only way we were able to get to that was by seeing a great ROI.

Dr. Survam Patel

Managing Partner, Southend Pharmacy

By the Numbers


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