DocSales is a B2B document templatization and e-signing SaaS tool allows businesses to generate proposals and contracts through their CRM of choice with zero clicks – and zero effort.


DocSales approached Stratdev after establishing product market fit in Brazil, seeking a distinctive marketing strategy to penetrate the US market. With limited resources as a bootstrapped company, DocSales needed an efficient and precise approach to exploring new channels and funnels, aiming for rapid market share growth in the United States.

StratDev's Solution

Prior to allocating any marketing budget, StratDev conducted an exhaustive analysis  to understand specific opportunities and needs within the US document templatization and e-signing market. This involved defining DocSales’ unique value proposition that set them apart from competitors. Leveraging insights from DocSales’ Brazilian market success, StratDev crafted a roadmap to adapt and integrate proven strategies in the US market. 

StratDev experimented with 7 unique channels with DocSales, employing a combination of organic, paid, and outbound methodologies. StratDev iterated our approach based on performance data, which allowed us to pinpoint the most lucrative channels with the highest ROI.


StratDev’s continuous refinement led to the discovery of 2 exceptionally effective channels: Google Ads and, notably, Through the further scaling of these two channels, DocSales was able to expand operational efforts in the United States, and capture new investment for the continued growth of the business.

What We Did

Google ads
Landing page
Technical SEO


The staff is extremely competent and senior, and created a personalized strategic approach that addressed our advanced demands. We feel unique and important as a customer.

Mauricio Kigiela

Founder & CEO, DocSales

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