mePrism is a B2B and B2C data privacy application that prevents big data companies from selling private user companies to advertisers or third party corporations.


MePrism is a venture backed SaaS application founded by seasoned entrepreneur Tom Daly. Prior to engaging with StratDev, mePrism struggled to create profitable B2C marketing funnels and attract B2B attention, and was under pressure to perform by their investors.

StratDev's Solution

StratDev was tasked with creating initial traction for their B2C application, as well as helping mePrism land their first enterprise sale. 

StratDev worked with mePrism to digitally transform their lean marketing funnels into sales machines for both by identifying strong product market fit, accelerating thought leadership, and decreasing CAC/MQL costs. StratDev built go-to-market strategies that directly outlined their ICPs pain points, created targeted landing pages made for conversion optimization, and fueled mePrism’s marketing funnels through thoughtful spending via paid ads and SEO.


Due to our holistic omni channel approach, StratDev was able to successfully attract mePrism’s first batch of early adopters to the platform, as well as tee up opportunities for big enterprise deals, which led to further investment opportunities and continued success and scaling of our “winning” marketing funnels.

What We Did

Website rebuild
Landing page
Meta ads
Google ads
Technical SEO


"They have been invaluable in reaching our business goals. A one-stop-shop marketing and advertising machine for us."

Will McKissick

Chief Strategy Officer, mePrism

By the Numbers


Monthly active users


Enterprise deals closed


Decrease in CAC

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What our clients say about StratDev

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