Holon is a healthtech enterprise B2B platform focused on patient point of care to provide operational relief and eliminate administrative burden for hospitals, private practices, and clinics.


Prior to engaging with StratDev, Holon spent $250,000 with another top tier agency with little results. Understandably so, Holon was determined to find a marketing partner worth their salt and could back up sales talk. StratDev was tasked with focusing on bottom of funnel lead conversions and capturing affordable MQLs in one of the most difficult industries to target: healthcare.

StratDev's Solution

To prove StratDev’s performance abilities, we ran an omni channel pilot engagement with Holon to test the viability of SEO, LinkedIn ads, and Google ads for demand generation in Q1 2023. Each converted lead was worth north of 1M in annual revenue for Holon.

Through extensive auditing, StratDev built a custom ads and SEO program that truly identified Holon’s ideal customer profile (ICP) and key opportunities to increase brand resonation, market share, and lead count. Throughout the pilot engagement, StratDev made quick and swift adjustments based on first party data, as well as industry trends and indicators. 


By the end of the pilot engagement, StratDev had outperformed almost every KPI and metric on all 3 channels to drive higher intent, lower cost MQLs to Holon’s sales department. Due to our wildly successful pilot engagement, StratDev is still the premier marketing firm for Holon.

What We Did

Digital transformation
Google ads
Website rebuild
LinkedIn ads


StratDev helped us be smarter and more efficient, and to reduce cost across all our paid digital channels. We are seeing an 85% increase in MQLs, a 74% increase in our CTR and a 25% decrease in our CPC.

Kathy Varney

CMO, Holon Solutions

By the Numbers


Increase in MQLs


Increase in CTR


Decrease in CPC

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What our clients say about StratDev

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