Mindgrasp is a B2B and B2C EdTech software that instantly creates accurate notes and answers questions from any textbook or document for increased educational productivity.


Mindgrasp is a venture backed SaaS application co-founded by first time founders Thai Cao and Shayan Khanlarbeik. Before engaging with StratDev, Mindgrasp had run small influencer campaigns, but struggled to find consistent results and were unable to scale due to high influencer costs.

StratDev's Solution

StratDev was tasked with finding a digital marketing solution that was resistant to high levels of volatility, and was easily scalable at cost effective rates. Due to the younger aged ICPs of Mindgrasp’s B2C software, StratDev and Mindgrap decided to undergo a pilot ads campaign on TikTok and Instagram.
Before spending any marketing dollars, StratDev built a custom and carefully curated go-to-market strategy as Mindgrasp had not run paid social initiatives before. We also rebuilt Mindgrasp’s sales funnel and buyer journey to increase user sign ups and conversions.


Through multivariate ad testing data driven decision-making, Mindgrasp was profitable in less than 2 months. For the first time, Mindgrasp was able to accurately forecast user growth and revenue. StratDev has been able to retain profitability while increasing ad spend fivefold since our pilot engagement.

What We Did

Lifecycle marketing
TikTok ads
Digital transformation
Meta ads


StratDev helped us maximize our ROI and learn a lot about how ads work, about getting the most out of targeting our ICPs, and even recommended new ICPs that generated return for us!

Shayan Khanlarbeik

COO & Co-Founder, Mindgrasp

By the Numbers


Unique user engagements


Decrease in average CAC


Return on investment (ROI)

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