Social Media
  • Channel Audit - This covers how your channels are currently performing and recommendations on how to further
    optimize them.
  • Social Media Playbook - Through advanced targeting systems, we identify and segment your target audience based on the demographics, behaviors, and interests you specify.
  • Social Media Calendar - Your calendar will include posts and Facebook ads complete with graphics, captions, and copiesbased on the approved playbook.
  • SEO-ready websites with features integrated such as blogs, social media icons, HTML and XML site maps, etc.
  • Reporting and Analytics - We invest heavily in technology to provide you with monthly reporting. It reports how your channels performed in the previous month and pinpoints which area should be further optimized.
Social Media Management

Over 2.4 Billion people used Facebook this past month, and 1.3 Billion on Instagram. With social media being the world’s most famous pastime activity, why not use it to its full potential and monetize your social media platforms. With consistent exposure, we can turn your followers into regular customers. We pride ourselves by creating engaging content and consistent upkeep to build your following base around your targeted demographics.

Targeted Social Media Ad Campaigns

We’re sure you've heard of the infamous Facebook and Instagram Ads, and probably see them on your feed on a daily basis. Many small businesses shy away from utilizing them because of the vast variables that go into creating an ad campaign, which makes it hard to start in the first place. Our team at StratDev is dedicated to developing the best converting ads that yield the highest return on investment for your business. We use proven strategies such as AB testing, conversion funnels, and audience segmentation to increase your online presence and begin converting more customers by Day 1.

Social Media is used to connect with friends, family, and other communities and organizations. Businesses can also utilize social platforms to engage with existing and potential customers. With the right strategy, they can reach them with the right message at the right time, encourage them to try the product or service, and answer any need for customer support.
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"The results were effective and exactly what I needed for my business"

-Christian Dolowy CEO & Founder of EggPlant Condoms