Digital PR & Promotion Services

  • To audit Social Networks/Presence and review engagement metrics. Perform brand sentiment analysis and provide insights & inputs to client's research and copywriting team
  • To Build a custom network of current and new journalists and editors/influencers to gain the visibility and research and find email addresses and other contact information
  • Blogger/Influencer outreach to gain backlinks and mentions on relevant blogs.
  •  Crafting an email template/message to reach out to relevant audience and follow up periodically. Also, to check on post status/updates
  • To understand brand perception and doing in-depth research and analysis
Understanding Digital PR & Promotion Services

Our Digital PR team works with journalists, bloggers and influencers to increase the exposure of businesses using content creation and content promotion.

Approach and Strategy By Phase

1. Discovery
We begin with a kickoff that familiarizes our team with your brand and aligns stakeholders on goals and objectives. We want to get a sense of who your brand is and how the public perceives it – and how those two may differ.

2. Landscape Analysis and Social Listening
Our team dives into industry trends, competitor positioning, and notable past successes. We use social listening & other online tools, to measure brand perception and track brand-relevant conversations on social media.

3. Media List Creation
Once we paint a clear picture of the market you’re in, we can strategically plan your journey into the limelight. This begins with the creation of a media list, featuring the reporters, bloggers, podcasters, and influencers in digital media who might be receptive to your brand’s story. The media list is a living document – as we find new outlets and opportunities, the list continues to expand.

4. Outreach and Content Promotion
A big part of PR is creating and maintaining relationships. Our team tackles this challenge by leveraging new and existing connections, building bridges between your brand and your dream team of collaborators.  

No matter how your story is being told – be it through an influencer, press mention, or monthly column – our team works with yours to produce and promote content that engages your audience through earned media amplification.
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