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AI Technology Reshaping The Digital Marketing Landscape- 7 AI Tools That You Should Know

AI Technology Reshaping The Digital Marketing Landscape- 7 AI Tools That You Should Know

July 12, 2023

AI Tools And Digital Marketing- The Match Made In Heaven!

Artificial intelligence technology has taken the world by storm with rich data insights. Technology is continuously advancing and nearly every industry availing of AI tech at a staggering rate. Top digital marketing agencies are also creatively using this trending technology to refine user targeting, content creation and distribution, create campaign strategies, and more.

Digital marketers are expected to fuel their investment in AI technology for marketing to more than $107.5 billion by 2028. The usage of AI technology at scale is projected to increase the revenue of AI in marketing to $27.4 billion by 2023. In fact, 80% of digital marketing experts are offering digital marketing services using AI technology in some or other forms.

The popularity and growing usage of ChatGPT to Speak and spell in transforming digital marketing strategy and driving better results ensure that AI technology is the future of marketing. In this blog, we will discuss how various AI-based digital marketing tools that are a boon to the digital marketing industry. let’s dive in!

Top 7 AI Tools that are making digital marketing successful

Several AI tools have made significant contributions to the success of digital marketing. Here are 7 top AI tools that are widely recognized for their impact.

Phrasee - Generative AI for Enterprise Marketers

Phrasee specializes in generating effective and engaging marketing copy, particularly for email marketing campaigns. It uses natural language generation (NLG) and ML algorithms to analyze language patterns and optimize the wording of marketing messages. It aces in automating the process of generating marketing copy in personalized language that resonates with the target audience that saves time and resources.

By analyzing vast amounts of marketing data, including past campaign performance and customer responses, it identifies linguistic patterns and uses this knowledge to optimize the language and tone of marketing messages. It also supports other marketing channels such as social media ads and push notifications and auto-optimizes copy across different platforms, ensuring consistent and compelling messaging.

Seventh Sense - Email Send-Time Optimization Tool

Seventh Sense is an AI marketing tool that focuses on email optimization and send-time personalization. By leveraging AI and ML, Seventh Sense aims to increase email open rates, click-through rates, and overall email campaign performance.

The tool collects data on factors such as email engagement history, time zone, and recipient behavior patterns to create personalized send-time recommendations. It analyzes this data to identify patterns and trends, allowing it to predict the best time for each recipient to receive an email based on their likelihood of engaging with it.

Also, it seamlessly integrates with email marketing platforms and CRM systems, enabling users to sync their email lists and leverage AI-powered send-time recommendations. The AI-based digital marketing tool also provides insights and analytics to help users track the performance of their email campaigns and make data-driven decisions to optimize their email marketing strategies.

Grammarly - AI writing assistance for error-free content creation

Grammarly assists digital marketers with writing, grammar, and proofreading the content to ensure it is polished and looks professional. The tone of the content is also adjusted with genre-specific writing recommendations. It utilizes artificial intelligence and natural language processing algorithms to help marketers improve their content quality, enhance clarity and effectiveness, and detect plagiarism.

Plus, one of the top AI marketing tools is available as a web-based editor, browser extension, and standalone desktop application, which integrates well with various writing platforms and software, including web browsers, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and more, allowing marketers to access its writing assistance seamlessly.

DeepL - Most Accurate Translator to Spread Messages Consistently

DeepL has gained recognition for its ability to provide high-quality translations of 31 global languages that are often considered on par with or surpassing other popular machine translation tools. Its AI-powered algorithms and neural network models continuously learn from vast amounts of data to improve translation accuracy and linguistic understanding.

The built-in dictionary, glossary management, and translation memory assist digital marketers in maintaining consistency and improving communication. Besides, the ability to translate entire documents, including Word documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations while preserving the formatting and layout of the existing document helps in spreading the marketing messages internationally hassle-free.

Optimove - Start Marketing to your Customers

Optimove is an automation and customer retention platform that leverages advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics to help digital marketers optimize their customer relationship management and marketing strategies.

It facilitates customer segmentation and automates online marketing campaigns by sending personalized, targeted messages to customers across various channels at the most effective timing and content. Predictive analytics helps in understanding customer churn, identifying upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and optimizing customer lifetime value.

The ability to conduct A/B testing of marketing campaigns determines the most effective strategies and messaging to improve the campaign’s performance. The real-time data integration with various data sources, such as customer databases, transactional systems, and marketing platforms, provides a comprehensive view of customer data in real time.

Surfer SEO - Skyrocket your Organic Search Traffic

Surfer SEO tool is built for search engine optimization of content utilizing AI algorithms to analyze search engine ranking factors and provide actionable recommendations for optimizing website content. By following its recommendations, SEO experts can enhance the on-page SEO factors and improve the visibility and organic traffic of the web pages.

Surfer SEO features content optimization (Optimize content quality and on-page elements), keyword research (Discover relevant keywords with high search volume), SERP analysis (Identify patterns and trends of top-ranking pages), content editor (Real-time suggestions for content optimization), site audit (Identify technical SEO issues), competition analysis, and reporting and analytics. - Driving your Revenue Growth with AI

For digital marketers, automates and optimizes email outreach and sales communication combining AI-powered automation with personalization, which helps sales teams streamline their email campaigns, follow-ups, and prospect engagement. Using dynamic variables, email marketers can customize emails with recipient-specific information, such as name, company, or other relevant data, enhancing the personal touch and increasing response rates.

It tracks email performance and provides analytics to help marketers understand the campaigns’ effectiveness and make data-driven decisions. The support for automated follow-up sequences enables optimizing the timing and frequency of follow-ups. It ensures email deliverability with email warm-up functionality that helps marketers establish a positive reputation with email service providers and increase the chances of successful email delivery.


Digital marketing is now seriously taken by businesses for enjoying the myriad of benefits it provides. It creates the demand for leading digital marketing agencies that help businesses to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends to make the marketing campaigns effective and drive outstanding results. Most of the digital marketing trends are backed by artificial intelligence technology wherein AI tools are used in some form.

These AI tools contribute to the success of digital marketing campaigns by enhancing efficiency, personalization, and targeting. They enable digital marketers to leverage data-driven insights, automate tasks, and deliver more relevant and engaging experiences to their target audience. Explore all the AI-based digital marketing tools in detail to identify which tool meet your digital marketing needs fairly. Complement digital marketing efforts with AI tools to increase the chances of success.

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